4000 kits delivered to Congo in June

Earlier this year in June, 4000 clean birth kits were delivered to The Mission in Health Care and Development (MHCD), an organisation dedicated to reducing poverty in the Democratic Republic of Congo through community development, health care and education activities.

The clean birth kits, packed by volunteers from across Australia, will be distributed to different maternity hospitals, health care centres and to Traditional Midwives, saving the lives of thousands of women and their babies. For the midwives in this region of the world, it had been almost a year since they were able to access these kits for community distribution.

The vision of the MHCD is to see a flourishing, independent and empowered community, working towards the empowerment of women and the promotion of gender equality, a vision in line with that of the work undertaken by BKFA. Find out more about MHCD here.