Our Approach

BKFA works to develop positive and empowering partnerships, is dedicated to ensuring accountable and effective programming and, in line with its strategic goals strives to be an active advocate for maternal and newborn health.

Working in partnership

Partnership is central to all that we do. BKFA Field Partners are the facilitators of our Birthing Kit distribution program and the drivers of our Community Development Projects.

We approach partnerships carefully, assessing both potential donor and field partner relationships to ensure that partnership outcomes are positive and mutually beneficial.

Read more about our International Field Partnerships here and view some of our valuable domestic supporters here.

Ensuring Program effectiveness

We make sure our projects work. Interventions are community-centred; focused on achieving outcomes; evidence-based; value for money; and integrate quality monitoring and evaluation processes.

Find out more about our Program Strategy here.


BKFA, in line with its core principles and strategic goals strives to be a positive advocate for maternal and new born health. BKFA is actively participating in research processes aimed at expanding the evidence base for the use of clean Birthing Kits; research which will ultimately inform both our approaches to programming and domestic and international strategies for advocacy.