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The Birthing Kit

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  • Gauze

    to wipe clear the newborn baby’s eyes, and to clean the mother’s perineum prior to giving birth

  • A Plastic Sheet

    to prevent the mother and newborn coming into contact with the ground or an unhygienic surface

  • Soap

    to wash the birth attendant's hands and the mother’s perineum

  • Cord Ties

    to cleanly tie the umbilical cord

  • Sterile Blade

    to cut the umbilical cord cleanly and reduce risk of newborn tetanus and sepsis

  • Gloves

    to cover the birth attendant's hands and provide protection from infections such as HIV for carers and care recipients

What we do

We work in partnership with the Australian Community and a number of Global Organisations to pack and supply Clean Birth Kits to pregnant women living in rural communities and low-resource settings around the world. To date, 2.2 million Clean Birth Kits have been distributed to women in need. Kits are given to mothers through community outreach programs, supplied to health facilities for use by doctors, midwives and nurses or distributed to traditional birthing attendants. They are designed to support hygienic practices and environments during childbirth in under-resourced settings.

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