Interview with Kate Robke, Founder of The Primitive Kitchen

Interview with Kate Robke, Founder of The Primitive Kitchen

To celebrate Mother’s Day next week, we interviewed Katie Robke, a busy mum of three and Founder of The Primitive Kitchen. Katie and the team at The Primitive Kitchen are supporting BKFA this month for every apron purchased via the online shop.

Katie lives in a very old Farmhouse on a ginger farm in the Noosa Hinterland, and adores all things antique and vintage. She started The Primitive Kitchen to sell simple kitchen homewares inspired by the 1800’s originals. These include bread boards made from antique wood, hand carved wooden spoons, wheel-thrown clay pots, handmade veggie brushes and dust brushes. She also sells beautiful locally made sourdough starter kits, as well as old fashioned handmade kitchen aprons. Katie’s aim is to bring beauty back to the often mundane tasks that centre around the kitchen, with handmade sturdy pieces that are not only aesthetically beautiful – but useful.

Why did you choose to support the work of Birthing Kit Foundation Australia with this specific collaboration?
I am so thrilled to be able to collaborate with BKFA on my latest release of handmade kitchen aprons. This release has been a few months in the making, and launching them a month prior to Mothers Day I wanted to be able to support an Australian charity that works with mothers in need. When I came across BKFA during my search, and read about the important work they’re doing in the most remote communities in the world, I knew I had to help. With a donation of just $5, for every apron that’s sold – I can provide a clean birthing kit to a woman that needs it. My goal is to sell 40 aprons prior to Mothers Day, and therefore be able to provide 40 kits.

You’re a mother yourself, what is the best part of motherhood? 
As cliche as it may sound, it’s truly the simplest of things that bring me the most joy as a mother. Cooking meals together, reading their favourite books with them before bed, talking to them about how their day at school was and listening to their many stories. Watching my children grow and make new friendships, and discover the things that make them come alive has been more rewarding than I could have ever imagined! All three of my children are drawn to writing, drawing, nature and the arts so I especially love those slow weekends together witnessing them challenge themselves creatively.

Why do you feel the work of BKFA is important? 
Having given birth three times, I cannot imagine not having had the most basic of clean and safe practices in place. It’s something we definitely take for granted living in this country; access to the highest quality resources whether birthing at home or in a hospital. So many women, new mothers, die every year in remote areas purely due to lack of sanitary equipment during and after birth. This is something that should be a priority and a right, for all women at this stage of their motherhood journey. The work that BKFA is doing is absolutely imperative in making it so.

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