We greatly appreciate the energy and enthusiasm with which our supporters help to promote BKFA.  So to make it easier for you, we have a range of posters and flyers that you can download.

BKFA Assembly Day Promotion

Promote your upcoming Assembly Day with a poster (A4) or flyer (A5).  These need to be customised with the details of your assembly day and then can be printed or used digitally.

BKFA and Zonta Assembly Day Promotion

Zonta Clubs may download a poster or flyer which includes a joint BKFA and Zonta logo.

BKFA Poster & Flyer

For general promotion of BKFA and our cause use our poster (A4) or flyer (A5) for printing or use the digital version which has active links to our website.

How to Help BKFA Poster & Flyer

These posters (A4) and flyers (A5) list the ways that people can help BKFA and are great to have on display at assembly days or any other event.  The digital version has links to each of the relevant areas on our website.

Kit Contents Poster

This poster shows all the contents of a kit laid out on a birthing sheet.

Fundraising Goal Thermometer Poster

If you’re raising funds, you can use this poster to show your target and where you are up to by filling in the thermometer.

Speaking Notes & BKFA Key Achievements

You can download some key points about BKFA and our achievements that can assist you when speaking about BKFA.

Do you have an idea?

We are continuing to develop additional resources to help you help us.  If you have any suggestions we’d love to hear them so please contact us.

We are currently developing a range of lesson plans for teachers to use BKFA as an example for a number of learning outcomes in the Australian Curriculum.  If you are a teacher and have already developed a lesson plan that you are happy to share, please email us.