Safer births in Nigeria

We hear from Field Partner, Safer Hands Health Initiative, Nigeria (SHHI) who recently took receipt of 1000 BKFA Birthing Kits

SHHI are committed to improving the prognosis of every delivery, reducing the incidence of newborn infections, ensuring a clean delivery condition irrespective of location and reducing maternal and child mortality in every delivery.

They told us

“Weeks after organising a training and empowerment session for traditional birth attendants in Oshogbo, Osun state , we received a call from one of the attendants at the training who we had trained and provided with birthing kits.

She called to inform us about how the kits currently help her during delivery compared to the time she basically used her plain hands. She talked about how she has recommended the kits for use to her other subordinates in order to help prevent them from infections during their delivery”.

The kits are helping to provide basic hygiene levels for every delivery that takes place in the underserved communities in which SHHI operates.

Thank you to SHHI for sharing this with us and for the wonderful picture of traditional birth attendants.