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9 Oct 2014

Social Relief Organisation (SRO)

Social Relief Organisation (SRO) was accepted as a partner in late 2013. BKFA were thrilled to welcome the Somalian partner.  There is a obvious high level of need in Somalia and previous attempts to send kits have not been successful.  However, with the current transport system and a brilliant working relationship between BKFA and SRO we have achieved considerable success.  They have provided BKFA with some exceptional feedback.  They have reported that “Yes, a lot has changed in the birthing practice, the rate of child birth complications was very high previous but with the presence of these skilled midwives and the availability of the Birthing kits so far the situation is good and improving and if the same spirit continues there is high hope of overcoming the existing menaces in the rural sector.” BKFA hopes to be able to fulfill the total kit request numbers (25,000 kits) for SRO in 2014-15.

SRO is a national organization operating in Somalia, the organization stated as a community based organization in the year 2004 based on the devastating Humanitarian situation in the horn of Africa. The organization is a Non-political, Non-racial, Non-religious and Non-profit making organization which is dedicated is alleviating human suffering.

SRO’s Mission:  To serve destitute individuals and vulnerable families with services that alleviate all social problems, promote human dignity and enhance their capacity for livelihood recovery and development.

Website: http://www.srosocial.org/

Email: socialrelieforganization@gmail.com


World Vision – Australia

Website: https://www.worldvision.com.au/