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9 Oct 2014

Egoli Africa


Teso Women Peace Activists (TEWPA)

Teso Women Peace Activists (TEWPA) is a rural women’s organization founded in 2001 to respond to the challenges of unrest resulting from armed conflicts in Teso/Karamoja, Northern Uganda that brought untold suffering, disease and trauma to women and girl children.
TEWPA envisions an environment where both women and men fully participate in enabling a peaceful co-existence in Teso.
TEWPA helps to strengthen the capacities of rural women in conflict resolution, peace building processes and economic empowerment.

TEWPA stimulates dialogue through active involvement and participation of rural women and other key stakeholders and conducts advocacy on women’s rights issues for sustainable peace. TEWPA subscribes to rights based approaches in improving livelihoods of women and the girl child.

Think Humanity

Think Humanity began assisting refugees with bed nets in the Kyangwali Refugee Settlement Camp in May 2007 and Think Humanity became a registered nonprofit organization in December 2007.

The genesis of Think Humanity began in 2006, when Aimee Heckel traveled to Uganda as a Boulder Daily Camera journalist on assignment.

She visited the Kyangwali Refugee Settlement Camp in the most rural region of western Uganda near the border of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. This trip brought light to the devastating conditions refugees were facing. Lack of education, underdevelopment, rampant malaria and other diseases were leaving the refugees in a state of hopelessness..

Think Humanity targeted their assistance to refugees because they are often located in higher risk areas where there is inadequate health services, malnutrition, lack of clean water and sanitation issues.

Think Humanity expanded their services to the Kyaka 11 Refugee Settlement Camp and a camp for internally displaced persons’ camp (IDP) also known as the Acholi Quarter Camp in Kireka. Think Humanity also began assisting the local population of Uganda, because while refugees are often badly off, the local population faces many of the same struggles.

Website: http://www.thinkhumanity.org/

Uganda Australia Christian Outreach

Dr Ssembatya supervises this project for the BKFA. He has reported that “most babies in rural areas were dieing (sic) many due to tetanus and other infectious diseases”.

The kits are distributed through Women’s Groups and Associations under UACO Health Education guidelines and Traditional Midwife training programs. UACO have noted the following benefits when using the birthing kits; reduced maternal infections; safe deliveries; and happy mothers.

World Vision

World Vision is tackling child hunger and malnutrition through maternal and child health and nutrition programs. Within the past two years, a total of 20 ADPs and one Area Rehabilitation program have been supported to integrate maternal and child health and nutrition into their programs. The health and nutrition capacity building project is tailored to identify and enhance capacity gaps in maternal and child health and nutrition.

Beaton Foundation (Beaton)

Rotary Club of Makindye


Supporting Opportunities for Ugandans to Learn Foundation


Foundation for Development and Relief Africa(FDRA)

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Global Support Development Initiative (GDI Uganda)


Rwenzori Mountains Baghuma Integrated Association (RAMBIA)