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9 Oct 2014

Association Infirmier San Frontiere

Association Infirmier San Frontiere (AISF) Burundi was created in 2010 and registered by the government in 2011 and its area of activities are health, social development and actions in line with a medico-social, educational and proximity. AISF-Burundi distribute their kits in three areas include Kamenge district, Cibitoke district and Buterere village, whereby they meet with local women and teaches them on how to use the kits and to keep the environment safe.

AISF has previously reported “that the midwives used handkerchiefs and banana leave to make the birth site clean”.  They are appreciative of the birthing kits and noted that many TBA’s were asking for further training once they received the birthing kits.

Website: https://aisfburundi.wordpress.com/2012/02/09/hello-world/