Rotary Nigeria TBA training (2013)

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9 Oct 2014

Hacey Health Initiative (HHI)

HHI is a development organization focused on improving the health and productivity of under-served population in Africa.

Project Agbebi is a community health project aimed at reducing the incidence of pregnancy related deaths and complications in Ibafo, Ogun state, Nigeria by providing education and support for traditional birth attendants provision of safe birthing kits, and developing effective referral systems between TBAs and health service providers to reduce maternal and child mortality. Ibafo is a local community located in Obafemi Owode local government area in Ogun state, South West Nigeria. The community is located at the border region between Ogun and Lagos states. Though an impoverished community, Ibafo is located 40mins from Lagos state’s government secretariat, and about 30mins from Abeokuta, one of Ogun State’s major cities.

Training workshops will be organized by HHI to educate TBAs on preventing birthing complications, early identification of infection in mother and child and identifying high-risk situations.

The project will provide 2000 free birthing kits to TBAs in the community. The TBAs will be educated on the proper use and disposal of the birthing kits.

Through the use of Mobile SMS, we will provide information on antenatal and postnatal care. 1000 community women will be registered in this service and will be provided with weekly information on pregnancy related issues


Dept. Primary Health Care, Bayelsa State

The Dept. Primary Health Care, Bayelsa State, have reported back saying that their Health Workers, since receiving the kits and training, now exhibiting a lot more skills in the area of infection control and correct delivery procedures. They are also more competent in referring patients when needed.

PeachAid Medical Initiative (PMI)

PMI work to provide clean and safe birthing environments for women and children in the poorest rural communities across Nigeria. They also work toward providing a strategy to sustain these interventions through health education, advocacy activities, and our consistent medical interventions.

Rotarian Action Fund for Population and Development (RFPD)

Rotary International Health and Hunger Resource Group approached the BKFA in late 2008 to have Rotary clubs worldwide help fund our birthing kit project, to help target the reduction in maternal and child mortality.

The Rotary International partner in Nigeria have provided quality reports in this last period.  Their reports note that “There has been verbal commendation on the advantages in using the kits in primary health care centres.

There were improved practices by TBA’s after the training.  A testimony stated that due to improved practices more women now have confidence in her work.” Hence there is an increase in visits to her maternity home.  The rate of cord infections has also reduced.

Rotary are hoping to extend into three additional districts this financial year.  We look forward to working with them in achieving this goal.


Sweet Mother International (SMI)

Sweet Mother International (SMI) have three locations in Nigeria, in Kwara State, Kano State and Abuja State, in which they distribute the kits.

The idea of Sweet Mother International is dedicated to Madam Salomey Nze, 1904 – 1986, Imo State Nigeria.Madam Salomey Nze, despite her predicament as a young widow with over six teenage children, She founded a home where she accommodated and fed women who were widows like herself, aged women, old-women-without-children, destitute women and women with mental illness. She was also a counsellor to newly married couples and young women. She acted as a mediator in times of dispute between families, assisting to restore peace, love and affection in homes. She was so devoted in her fellowship with God and humanity that she was regarded as an “Angel” in her community. She died in 1986. In the year 2000, this vision was regenerated by the idea of Sweet Mother International which was conceived by, John Nze-Bertram the grandson of Madam Salomey Nze.

SMI have noted a ‘positive change’ in the birthing practices of the TBA’s who have attended training sessions.  SMI also commented that the communities receiving birthing kits, have a noticeable drop in maternal and child infection rates.

SMI distributed 400 birthing kits at a recent seminar. They worked in collaboration with Lafia Hospital Apata Ibadan. Marton of Lafia Hospital is a community health worker of 23 years, who sensitised the 40 community birth attendants to the objectives and benefits of the kits. After the training each woman is given 7 kits to start with, knowing they can get top ups when needed as the supply is ongoing.

Another similar program was held at the Primary Health Care Centre Byazhin, Bwari Area council FCT Abuja in Nigeria. Here SMI worked with the Citizens Health Education and Development Initiative to hold its health training program. Many guests were at the opening of the program including the village heads of the 10 communities in Byazhin, nurses, TBA representatives and many pregnant and nursing mothers. Here the message is for the women to give birth at the hospital or clinic, however, if it is impossible to get the birthing mother to a clinic then a birthing kit supplies the basics for their clean birth. They have found that many deaths can be avoided by education and directing the pregnant mothers to the hospital or clinic with plenty of time. Much of the training is on prevention of malaria, prevention of HIV, hygiene, nutrition and responsible pregnancies and contraception.


Social Welfare Network Initiative (SWNI)