Where we work

2 Aug 2014

Centre for Girls Interaction (CEGI)

Centre for Girls & Interaction  is a non-profit making local young women and girls local organization, primarily concerned with creating access to information on girls  and young women rights or related issues through interaction, advocacy, documentation, education, networking  for positive change.

Website: http://centreforgirlsandinteraction.weebly.com/



Urunji Child Care Trust

In Malawi, the Urunji Child-Care Trust seeks specifically to aid and assist in the protection of perhaps the most vulnerable of all: children. UCCT seeks to help children in particular, not by merely throwing aid at the problems that lead to improper treatment or conditions for children, but instead by seeking to engage with the community itself in order to implement sustainable and meaningful solutions. The Trust is specifically geared toward community engagement, in hope of solving problems in a sustainable, community-driven manner. That aspect of community engagement is a part of Urunji’s vision of providing an environment in which children have access to quality education, proper nutrition, sound health and life-skills

Website: https://www.urunjichildcare.org/