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9 Oct 2014

Green Ark

GRC (Green Ark Committee) has been running a Population Health Project (PHP) promoting safe maternity care by providing BKFA kits, in order to improve hygiene and enhance safety practices among traditional birth attendants and under equipped health care providers. A particular focus is placed on family planning and treatment / timely referral of expectants faced with emergency obstetric complications.

The project focuses on the following components:

  • Safe Motherhood Community Education with a focus on timely referral of expectant mothers faced with obstetric complications, use of handy (single use) birthing kits, contraception after childbirth, HIV and pregnancy, healthy birthing, sexuality, and responsible parenthood.
  • Provision of user friendly birthing kits Pre-assembled kits offer a cost-effective pattern regarding birthing hygiene and reduction of maternal & neonatal morbidity and mortality rates. The kits are distributed free of charge to TBAs, mothers, under-equipped health centers and to community members. These kits contain handy items such as gloves, pads, hard soap, plastic sheet, scalpel and tying-twines (catguts).
  •  Tracking neonatal/maternal morbidity and mortality This component seeks to ensure steady monitoring of neonatal & maternal morbidity factors and indicators within the community, while exploring the links between sociocultural determinants and birthing practices.

Green Ark has noted numerous benefits since they started receiving birthing kits.  This includes: Women are benefiting from safe motherhood services in their own villages; Pregnant mothers are spared from frequently moving to cities & towns for delivery reasons; and family expenses allocated to the treatment of maternal and newborn infections has decreased.


Mission in Health Care and Development

Mission in Healthcare and Development (M.H.C.D) is a community based organization (in Kenya), based in Bungoma District, Western part of Kenya. In the Democratic Republic of Congo (D.R.C), it is an NGO based in Bukavu Town and Uvira, Sud Kivu Province and Lubumbashi, Katanga Province.

It was founded by Missionary Dr. Luc Mulimbalimba Masururu on 12th January, 2005.

Anxious to bring a solution to healthcare problems and to eradicate poverty in our countries especially our village by sensitization of primary healthcare, treatment of chronic and hereditary diseases by use of natural medicines, training people (orphans, youths, widows and other vulnerable), education, to reduce the incidence of maternal and infant morbidity and mortality.

M.H.C.D is involved with the distribution of birthing kits, training of traditional midwives and traditional birth attendants, Training of trainers program who then go to the villages to educate the traditional midwives and community health workers and conducting surveys.

Since its commencement, the program has helped a lot in reducing infant mortality and morbidity rates in D.R.Congo, Kenya and Burundi, reduced infections and equipped traditional midwives. Many traditional midwives have been able to learn a lot in regard to improving their own lives and those of expectant mothers and children and changed the lives of many people in the communities. They can now transfer difficult cases to the hospitals, have midwifery clubs where they discuss different issues on midwifery and life on poverty reduction.

Website: http://www.mhcdafrica.org/



Redefined Ministries International

Redefined Ministries International DRC (Redefined) is an organisation based in the Mahagi region of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). Redefined is working to rebuild lives and communities after the damage caused by war.

Redefined’s vision is to see the people of the Congo shed their image of a war-torn country, and be redefined into a nation that embraces the diversity of its people groups and who work together to build their nation.

Website: www.RedefinedMinistriesInternational.com


World Vision

World Vision started in Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) in 1984 with a food program funded by USAID in conjunction with local Christian churches in the Katanga province.

Today more than two million people benefit from transformational development programs including education, health care, water and sanitation, nutrition and food security.

DRC has experienced prolonged political instability due to dictatorships, disputed elections, and the resulting internal armed conflicts. Political dissatisfaction is now the source of insecurity in different areas of the country. The country has also suffered widespread natural disasters.

Due in part to this prolonged instability, 60 per cent of the population lives on less than a dollar a day. Government workers often go without pay, and many families do not have access to educational and health facilities. In IDP camps, living conditions are very difficult, and women and children are especially vulnerable.

World Vision is actively engaged in humanitarian and emergency response particularly in the eastern part of the country, focused on food aid, humanitarian protection, nutrition, health care, child friendly spaces (CFS), and reintegration of internal displaced people (IDPs).

Website: https://www.worldvision.com.au/