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16 Feb 2016

World Vision

Ravaged by decades of bitter war and devastated by natural disasters, Afghanistan is, without a doubt, a difficult place to live. And, the odds are even more against you if you are a woman or a child. World Vision began working in Afghanistan in 2001, providing emergency relief to those who had been directly affected by a devastating drought as well as supporting those whose livelihoods had been destroyed during the conflict.

One of World Vision’s key health interventions in Afghanistan is the training of midwives. Since 2004, World Vision has trained more than 300 midwives to care for pregnant women and their unborn children before, during, and after birth. Access to skilled birth attendants is helping to reduce maternal and infant mortality rates in western Afghanistan.

Coupled with this effort, World Vision has also trained hundreds of community health workers to inform and promote other areas that affect health, such as proper nutrition, access to clean water and the importance of latrines among other things, in communities.

Website: https://www.worldvision.com.au/