Stories from the field

7 Apr 2017

200 Birthing Kits were recently provided by BKFA to Field Partner, Future Warriors Project Inc, Tanzania.

The Kitenden Health Clinic, Tanzania, distributed Birthing Kits to trained midwives and nurses in the region to assist women who still give birth at home or in their village. For those who attend a hospital, Birthing Kits were distributed at antenatal visits.

The nurse at Kitenden was trained and tasked with instructing users how the elements of the kit are used. Unsurprisingly, there was a high take up of the kits as the materials are often not available to women free of charge, with many hospitals requiring that women purchase their own materials, such as scalpel and gloves.

New mother Naareliyo, pictured here with her baby,Future Warriors Naareliyo and her child. gave birth at the dispensary in Lerang’wa, having received a Birthing Kit from the clinic in Kitenden. And she says “before I was admitted I went home to prepare and remembered to take the kit with me as the hospital asks us to bring our own gloves and scalpel.”

Ngoije, also pictured, is a midwifFuture Warriors Ngoije holding one of the birthing kits.e in Kitenden who has utilised the kits. She says “The birthing kits have made me feel so safe now.”

Additionally, further health benefits are evident. One nurse says: ” Health wise, remember that HIV AIDS is a big threat in most Maasai villages now which scared many of them from helping each other during birth and so the birthing kit helped them, ie gloves, no sharing of knives and this is what brings them to work again with confidence”

Mothers say that intuitively they feel their babies are healthier and much safer if they use the Birthing Kit.