Stories from the field

1 Jul 2014

Report from Afghanistan

In 2008 one of our established agents reported that with the distribution of 2359 kits only one woman died and no babies. Statistically speaking it would have been expected that 44-118 women and over 100 babies would have died.

This shows the dramatic benefit of kits combined with a home visiting program.


In Vietnam and Kenya it was noted that if a birthing kit was supplied the Traditional Birth Attendants (TBA) again assisted women with HIV/AIDS in childbirth as they were not frightened of catching HIV/AIDS.

Reduced infections and safe clean birth

In Afghanistan one organisation reported no new cases of tetanus for mothers or babies since using our kits and few post natal infections.

In Ethiopia when using a birthing kit a TBA can help mothers deliver at home without any cost or delay, and those who developed complications can be identified early and sent to a clinic. Much safer childbirth.

Female Genital Circumcision stopped

In Holleta in Ethiopia, a Traditional Birth Attendant after training, stopped Female Genital Circumcision.

Community in Australia involvement

Over 27,000 Australians already involved in making kits at Assembly Days.

Working together

The Australian Defence Force is transporting thousands of kits to Afghanistan


UNFPA in Ethiopia asked for 3,000,000 kits

Madagascar, Marie Stopes International requested 400,000 kits per year.

Rotary Nigeria Fistula Project requested 150,000 kits per year to be distributed through their rural clinics to remote regions.