Stories from the field

20 Feb 2017

A recent report received from one of BKFA’s partners, Uganda Australia Christian Outreach makes for positive reading.

The organisation summarises that further to the receipt of Birthing Kits, midwives are sent to each region where they train traditional birth attendants (TBAs) on the importance and use of the Birthing Kit. Here, they emphasise the necessity of opening the kit at the time of birth for sterility and ensure that the importance of the use of gloves and soap is communicated, given the high prevalence of HIV and hepatitis B. With the increased number of trained TBAs in rural areas, more women have access to support with a Birthing Kit during delivery.

Positive Change!

With the introduction of Birthing Kits, particularly in very hard to reach areas, habits such as biting the umbilical cord (which was spreading infections such as HIV and hepatitis) have greatly reduced. The incidence of tetanus and eye infections have also lessened. And, with traditional birth attendants in rural areas and midwives in clinics using Birthing Kits, excessive bleeding at birth has also reduced.

Women receive Birthing Kits

Women receive Birthing Kits

After the baby is born, mothers are encouraged to attend postnatal visits where an examination is made for infection.   And to date, those midwives and TBAs supplied with kits have not yet reported cases of infections. Uganda Australia Christian Outreach says that midwives, TBAs and the mothers are very grateful. There has been a notable reduction in maternal and child mortality rates and traditional birth attendants have been trained with improved skills for delivery of babies.