Stories from the field

16 Aug 2017

BFKA Field Partner Teso Women Peace Activists (TEWPA) is a rural women’s organization based in Uganda.

Magoro Health Centre

Expectant mother and recipient of Birthing kit, Magoro Health Centre Credit: Carousel Media

Expectant mothers face many challenges in Uganda. To give birth in many hospitals or clinics in Uganda, women must purchase the necessary supplies. Without these, women will often be turned away, or be faced with a negotiation or demand for money during labour. A lack of supplies, and therefore medical care often leads to complications and tragically death for many women and newborns.  With poor transport and lack of health facilities, it can take hours for a woman to reach a hospital or health centre, only to be potentially turned away. Many women therefore give birth at home, or alone.   The need for birthing kits is great here is great.

Kapujan Health Centre 2

Young mother attends Kapujan Health Centre Credit: Carousel Media

After a shortage of birthing kits, TEWPA has recently distributed birthing kits to the 6 Health Centres of the Katakwi District. TEWPA report successfully reaching 1,243 mothers who will receive Birthing kits. In addition to the demonstrated benefits of the Birthing kit, mothers were able to receive antenatal services, HIV/AIDs testing and counseling, and awareness on hygiene and sanitation


BKFA are so pleased to partner with TEWPA and thanks TEWPA for hosting them on a recent visit to Uganda.