Stories from the field

1 Jul 2014

Dear ladies,

Imagine some babies abandoned orphaned, neglected, hungry and frightened, in northern Ethiopia near the border with Ethiopia. Then add ten young women, who have all have lost their babies, they came to the hospital hoping for a lasting cure, despite all our efforts and repeated operations they are still unwell due to the severity of their injuries. Then put them together and what do you have?

A perfect combination! I have just spent European Christmas with my colleague, Karin and her twenty one children. Each wee house has a house mother and these house mothers are our fistula children – all former fistula patients unable to have children of their own now have their own wee families. It is lovely to see how God matches up His children.

So you dear friends have sent us these great birth kits to help enable our women to deliver in cleaner and safer environments. Thank you for the birth kits that will help prevent these dreadful injuries and make their lives easier and better!

God bless you all year long in 2006!


Ruth C. Kennedy
Liaison / PR Officer

Ruth no longer is working with the Fistula Hospital – now working for the Oasis Foundation in Ethiopia in Tigray province.