Stories from the field

9 May 2017

SOUL 2Namuyingo Janat (pictured right) is 24 years old and from Bujagali, Uganda.  In January 2017, she gave birth to her child.  She says

“I went to the Antenatal class (ANC) visits for regular check ups to make sure my baby was okay. The ANC class has helped me learn the importance of going for myself and my baby to know we are healthy. When I was ready to give birth, I went to the local Traditional Birthing Attendant.  I had the birthing kit, which was good because she did not have the supplies I needed.  She used all the supplies in the kit. The TBA had no gloves, tools to cut the umbilical cord or soap to clean the baby. These kits are so important in my village, because there are so many mothers that are very poor and can’t afford the supplies so they have helped us mothers deliver to ensure it’s sanitary, safe and prevent us from complications.”

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