Stories from the field

27 Mar 2017

birthingkit image women receiving kitsEgoli Africa is a not for profit organisation based in the Netherlands dedicated to the promotion of empowering people in Uganda to overcome the challenges of their circumstances. One such circumstance is the high incidence of maternal and neonatal mortality. With only one medical centre servicing the rural target area and a catchment of around 8000 community members, many birthing mothers deliver at home, predominantly without medical assistance.   This all too often ends tragically, with an infant mortality rate of 88 per 1000 live births.   It’s difficult to imagine but as a comparison, the rate is 4 in 1000 live births in Australia.

With a committed purpose to promote the empowerment of women, Egoli Africa and BKFA are natural partners and BKFA are thrilled to contribute to their mission with the supply of Birthing Kits for a safe and clean birth.   The Good Shepherd Medical Centre in Kameke will support the program by recording how many birthing kits and to whom they are distributed. This data is critical as it will allow important analysis to be completed to measure the success of the program.

Egoli Africa say

the kits are important to women as they now have some basics that will help them during delivery. Because most women give birth at home without any assistance, they don’t have such materials. The materials are simple, but oh so important to have when giving birth. Keep up this work because you are literally saving lives”