Stories from the field

16 May 2017


Expectant Mothers receive Birthing Kits

Maternal deaths in Cameroon are unacceptably high, with 596 deaths per 100,000 live births. It is widely felt that health workers should be trained and provided with birthing kits in order to save more women and children.

Birthing Kits are provided by the Government, but at a cost, which whilst only $3, is not affordable for many. BKFA donates Birthing Kits to CADFIN Cameroon (Child Aid Development Foundation International) and is so pleased to hear from CADFIN of their commitment and success.

Recently distributed kits reached 7 villages in the North West Region of Cameroon.

CADFIN ensure that messages of advocacy are firstly shared with the District Medical Team and Centre Chiefs with the key message being of support to pregnant women and newborn babies in their communities.

Next, CADFIN visited Health Centres to introduce the kits to the doctors and nurses. CADFIN’s trained Outreach Officers were provided with kits for distribution during ANC visits for expectant women.

This project has increased community awareness of the kits and other services at the clinics. By being involved, CADFIN was able to promote the benefits of using the kits and educate mothers on other issues related to their babies’ health.

The Outreach Officers together with the midwives gave brief lectures to explain to pregnant women how to use and dispose of the birthing kits and in a period of just 7 months, a total of 811 pregnant women were registered during ANC with 463 women giving birth with Birthing Kits.

Mih Collins Chief of Menka Health Centre CADFIN 9

Mih Collins, Chief of Menka Integrated Health Centre

According to Mih Collins, Chief of  Menka Integrated Health Centre,

“We are very happy for the birth kits. Even though the government has started providing such kits at an affordable price, these donated kits have saved 51 women in the past 6 months who were not able to buy those provided by the government”


This Nurse, of CMA Awing says:


Nurse, CWA Awing


“I am glad the kits provided both mother and baby a clean and safe birth. Since we started using the donated kits, we have not registered any case of infection. The kits are very easy to use and we used it for this baby. The baby is strong and healthy. I am very happy that the kits helped women who are not able to buy from the ones available at the clinic”