Stories from the field

8 Feb 2017

Peach Aid picture600 kits were provided by BKFA in support of communities in the Anambra and Ebonyi states, Nigeria. These were distributed to primary health care centres where training was provided. Peach Aid reports fewer childbirth related infections in both beneficiary communities and successful training in the use of the birthing kits. But, there is still work to be done. Women are more willing to deliver in the health facilities now than ever, but many still give birth at home. Peach Aid hopes that in time, more women will present at health facilities to ensure a better chance of a safe and clean birth.

We hear from one young mother, how the birthing kit helped her to deliver safely.

“My name is Nnenna. My mother is a traditional birth attendant. When I received the birthing kit from Peach Aid because I was pregnant, I decided to go and deliver in the health facility so that I can use what they gave me. The day I started labour, even though my mother did not like my plan, my friend took me to our health facility and they went and called the nurse. She came and I gave her my birthing kit. I saw when she used everything inside it to help me deliver my baby girl. She tied the rope in the cord before she cut it, she was wearing the hand-gloves too and she used the black bag to lay for me to lie down before I started giving birth. I like the feeling because I was using something from oversees to give birth. I was not afraid because I know what is inside the birthing kit will not allow me to die. I thank Peach Aid for helping us. My baby is happy too”