Stories from the field

7 Feb 2017

Karel Amaranth, a long term friend and supporter of BKFA, has recently visited Uganda where she spent a week with BKFA field partners, the Rotary of Makindye.

Karel says:

“In one word it was inspiring.  Their commitment to serving the community, as well as the resources and passion they bring to making the world a better place is beyond impressive.

I was able to meet with the leadership and members of Rotary of Makindye to discuss the Birthing Kit and their very effective distribution. We spent two days travelling throughout rural areas meeting with women’s education projects and entrepreneurial ventures.  What is truly impressive as a public health initiative is that the Birthing Kit initiative is value-added into existing community programs where women are in leadership positions, are empowered and are mutually supportive.  The members of Rotary of Makindye are not outsiders; they are partners with these grass roots community groups and therefore respected and trusted.  The distribution of the kits is effectively interwoven into these community groups.  I could not imagine a more effective model for health status change on both a community and individual level.Rotary CLub of Makindye

I cannot speak more highly of any group than Rotary of Makindye.  You can be assured that the kits donated by BFKA are part of dedicated and caring commitment to serve humanity and make the world a better place especially for women and children”

Thank you Karel for this wonderful and positive feedback!