Stories from the field

25 Jan 2017

One Family at a Time in Cambodia is focussed on developing community capacity in vulnerable communities by working with the local health centre (Samroang Yea), and providing basic medical supplies and birthing kits. At Samroang Yea Health Centre, there are just four health workers who help to manage the delivery of around 300 babies every year.

In partnership with Birthing Kit Foundation Australia, 200 Birthing Kits were delivered in late 2016, which will be enough to last for around 9 months of births in the community.

One Family at a Time reports that kits are already been used to help deliver babies safely.

The woman pictured here with her baby was the first to have the kits used for the birth of her baby!

One Family at a Time will work with a new health centre in 2017 in the ChiKreng District where, with the support of Birthing Kit Foundation Australia, they hope to distribute further Birthing Kits.