Stories from the field

1 Jul 2014

Kenya: In Bungoma, Kenya, a 3 day midwifery training seminar was planned for 80 Traditional Birth Attendants from 30 remote villages. In reality 110 women attended, such was the enthusiasm for the course. We received an 8 page report full of praise for the seminar from Dr Luc Mulimbalimba. It was obviously deeply appreciated and well attended. Some birth attendants had traveled 120 kms to participate and all were staying on the premises. All meals and accommodation were provided as well as a 30 page booklet on “All you need to know about midwifery” in the local language.

Vietnam: Our village midwife training programs continued and were expanded. Our largest recipient country for training was Vietnam where courses, conducted by provincial health authorities, continued in Ha Giang Province and commenced in Thanh Hoa Province. In total 224 communes received the 5 day training and over 2,600 traditional birth attendants and village nurses were trained. Provincial Health authorities have reported to the Foundation that all scheduled courses were conducted and attendance was excellent and statistical data on birth rates and mortality was collected over the period and forwarded to the Foundation.