The REVUMON Project (2017-2020) is a planned 4-year collaboration between BKFA and TEWPA in the Katakwi District of Eastern Uganda.

In 2015, the World Health Organisation reported that there were 343 maternal deaths for every 100 000 live births in Uganda.  The Teso sub-region of eastern Uganda and the Karamoja sub-region of north-eastern Uganda experience some of the country’s worst maternal health indicators. Decades of armed conflict in these sub-regions, combined with poverty, drought, vulnerability, poor infrastructure and social service delivery have resulted in poor maternal and newborn health outcomes.

Teso Women Peace Activists (TEWPA) is an eastern Ugandan rural women’s organisation that works to strengthen the capacity of Teso and Karamoja women and youth to access and demand services. Currently, TEWPA facilitates rights-focused projects throughout the Katakwi District, including the annual distribution of approximately 6,000 BKFA Birthing Kits.