“Strengthening the Rural Health Network to Improve Reproductive, Maternal and Newborn Health

A partnership with Afar Pastoralist Development Association (APDA), Afar Region, Dullassa District, Ethiopia.

Afar Regional State has poor maternal health indicators, even by national standards. Low status of women, poor literacy, geographical isolation, unequal access to essential sexual and reproductive health services, and harmful traditions that negatively impact on the wellbeing of girls and women, are all factors that contribute to the disproportionately high levels of poor maternal health outcomes experienced by Afar women.

Disempowerment of Afar women within the household and community means that women and girls are unable to define their own issues or influence change. This, in turn, reinforces the cycle of poor maternal health outcomes across generations.

Traditional Birth Attendants, Dullassa

BKFA,  with generous support from the Fullife Foundation, has partnered with APDA on a three year project that aims to improve maternal and newborn survival and prioritise the reproductive health of girls and mothers in 10 Kebeles of Dullassa District by ensuring that community health teams work well, and work together, that fewer girls and mothers are harmed by traditional practices and that men and boys prioritise their families’ health. Project activities comprise:

  • training of local health team members in reproductive health and safe motherhood practices;
  • community engagement and sensitisation on the importance of safe motherhood;
  • local delivery set (birthing kit) component procurement and assembly; and,
  • distribution of locally assembled delivery kits to pregnant mothers and APDA-trained traditional birth attendants.

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