Deepam Trust, India

Deepam Trust, India

BKFA does not have any presence overseas, but rather works with partner organisations who are based in country and work at the grass roots level to reach the most vulnerable women that we aim to assist.  We are very appreciative of the fantastic partners that we work with to carry out this important work. BKFA aims to provide women with a clean and safe birthing environment by:

  1. making and distributing birthing kits to women in remote and rural regions of developing countries, targeting predominantly home birth, where the only assistance may be from a Traditional Birth Attendant (TBA) or with no assistance at all.
  2. promoting sustainable change through the prevention of harmful birthing practices by funding training programs for health workers and traditional birth attendants, in consultation with local stake holders and health authorities in the course design and content.
  3. encouraging sustainability through in country kit production at the community level.

The kits are distributed with the assistance of a health professional who gives instructions on how to use the kits correctly and dispose of the waste safely. Annually over 140,000 women who give birth in remote regions of developing countries are the recipients of our kits.


The Foundation works with a number of partner organisations to deliver our programs in country. These partners are carefully screened to comply with conditions that ensure accountability to our supporters is respected. Our partner organisations are required to:

Our partners are essential to our kit distribution and training programs – you can find out more about them here. If you are interested in becoming a partner organisation, click here for more information.