3 Jun 2016

I decided to raise money for the Birthing Kit Foundation approximately 6 months ago. Six months prior to this decision, I gave birth to my son. I had a healthy pregnancy but unfortunately I had several complications in the delivery suite. A number of these complications were avoidable and so this left me feeling incredibly angry and bitter towards our hospitals. The anger began to fester and consume my thoughts. I actually started having nightmares where I’d relive what I went through in that delivery suite.

But one day I got sick of being angry. So I decided to do a bit of “googling” and research how women deliver babies in other countries. That’s when I stumbled across the Birthing Kit Foundation’s website. It’s also where I realised that if I lived elsewhere, my son and I wouldn’t have lived through the whole birthing experience. While there were a number of avoidable complications, because of the amazing doctors and nurses, I can live to tell the tale and hold my beautiful boy.rSellen

So to put things into perspective and help get rid of the festering anger, I decided to raise money for the Birthing Kit Foundation. I aimed to raise $600 so that I could make 200 kits. The idea of assisting in 200 deliveries left butterflies in my stomach. I started selling nail products and saved up my commission until I got $600. Amazingly, I had such great support that I was able to get the $600 within the first month. So I changed my goal and set out to raise $1.200 to make 400 kits. Three months later, I had the money and was putting in my order.

I had a lovely team of friends and family who helped me put the 400 kits together. It was so heartwarming knowing that the small little kit that I was holding in my hand, could change a life or two. It also broke my heart thinking that these kits aren’t available to every woman. It seemed so simple. So small. The basics.

The Assembly Day itself was easy to organise as most of the hard work and planning was done for me. The manual was helpful, particularly the checklist and the follow-up emails were very supportive. All I really had to do was get a group of people together and provide morning tea. We all had a great time putting the kits together and the time seemed to fly by.

I am still working through the anger. The bitter memories are beginning to fade and be replaced by happy memories. I am so thankful that I stumbled across the Birthing Kit Foundation’s website and that I could help fundraise for such an amazing organisation. I hope to raise money again in the near future and host another Assembly Day.

Rachel S.