16 Jun 2017


The team, busy packing Birthing kits

In 2016, BKFA launched a business fundraising program, Business for Birthing Kits. Since then, we have been overwhelmed by the support received from the business community! Below, we hear from ProMed Finance, one of the first to get on board.

Tell us about ProMed Finance?

ProMed Finance is a leading provider of loans to Australian medical students in their final two years of study, it is the financial boost that many busy students need. We’ve helped hundreds of young people achieve their dreams and goals.

Why did you choose BKFA?

We heard about BKFA through a World Vision newsletter, highlighting the work of Vision Sisters.

As mothers and daughters, the ProMed team members believe passionately in the right for all women worldwide to welcome a child safely into the world.  We were amazed to learn how a simple birthing kit can have such a profound effect on the life of new mothers and babies and knew that this was a cause that we would be so proud to partner with.

How do you support BKFA?

We provide direct funding to BKFA and our goal is to fund 3,000 kits by 2018. We also donate our time to assemble the birthing kits. We recently packed 400 kits in recognition of Mother’s Day. Sixteen team members and colleagues packed the kits in 1 hour. It was such a rewarding experience knowing that the kits were going to support mothers in developing countries. Participants left the session feeling fulfilled and we’ve already committed to another Assembly Day at the end of the year.


Preparing the soap!

What’s the best thing about being a BKFA Business partner?

For the ProMed team, the best thing about being involved with BKFA is that we know that we are genuinely making a difference. Assembling the birthing kits is tangible as we know that 1 kit does in fact provide a mother and child with a “cleaner” arrival into this world.

Many thanks to the ProMed team – we so appreciate your commitment to BKFA!

If you’re interested in business fundraising for us, just click here to find out more.