23 May 2017

IMG_2853We’d like to recognise and thank our very own BKFA Mother’s Day Champion, Elizabeth Lynch (pictured right in red)!

Elizabeth contacted us several weeks ago with the idea of hosting a big Mother’s Day morning tea with funds raised to go to BKFA. Together, with 35 friends who dropped in and out, the group raised $1000!

Let’s hear from Elizabeth about how a group of friends came together and ran a very successful fundraise.

“We were delighted…with little planning we ‘pulled it off’.     My friend Anna offered her house…she is a hairdresser and spoke to her clients about BKFA.    Then another friend, Joan, joined us! About 6 weeks ago, Anna and I started buying cakes from Woolies and Coles which were reduced at the end of the day, mostly they were able to go in the freezer.


What a feast!

We had one meeting a week before the event and Anna and Joan decided they wanted to use cups, not polystyrene mugs!   So we did that with plates as well, napkins of course and we were set to go. Joan whipped up cream on the morning as they also made scones. She also made cheese cakes which were delicious and Anna already had jam.   I bought a box and Anna made a hole in it for the donations. I had to stop the other two from making sandwiches as well!

And what I found out was that there are a lot of generous people in our community.  By providing a noble cause, they gave generously.

I am hoping that the others carry on and make this annual. We all they liked the idea…women helping women”

Anyone can get involved and enjoy fundraising for BKFA –  Find out more here