1 Oct 2014

Dr Luc, Mission in Health Care and Development (MHCD) has recently completed a new “Train the Trainer Program”.

MHCD - Train the Trainer (Sept 2014)



From his report:

“… we succeeded to organise a three weeks Train the trainer program. The trained was held in Uvira Town at Delice Hotel which is among the good hôtels in Uvira. When the owner of the Hotel realised that the seminar we wanted to hold was for helping other people, he accepted to make reductions to the price indicated in the project which was very good for us. 

The participants came from three provinces, South Kivu, North Kivu and Katanga. They were very happy and thankful for all the time they spent in Uvira. We gave them breakfast, lunch and supper for all the days and they went for outreach three times into the villages. There was good collaboration and cooperation among the participants. There were nurses, midwives, medical officers and community workers.

 Outreaches focused on Birthing kits distribution skills and community development and it helped them a lot because they discovered a lot that they had never known in their lives.”


Thank you Dr Luc for your passion and dedication.