3 Apr 2017

For BKFRecently, BKFA became aware of regular donations being made by Melbourne Obstetrician, Dr Grant Saffer. We contacted Dr Saffer (pictured here with one of the babies he delivered) to find out more and he told us that for every baby he delivers he makes a donation to Birthing Kit Foundation Australia.

What an inspiration! Below, we hear what motivated him to get on board.

What gave you the idea to donate to BKFA for every baby born?

Having grown up in South Africa I was exposed to medicine in the third world and that is where I became a doctor. The recent United Nations study on death in childbirth has revealed that the chance of a woman dying through her reproductive life due to a complication during pregnancy is 1 in 20 in Sierra Leone and 1 in 21 in neighbouring Chad. This is a figure that is just beyond astounding. Living in such a privileged society like ours, I felt the need to counter balance this inequality and give to those women who are struggling through childbirth.

How did you find out about BKFA?

We were looking on the internet to find something appropriate and came across the Birthing Kit Foundation Australia.

What is it about BKFA that inspired you to give?

I make a small donation for my patients once they have had their baby and I think it is just a way of letting them know how fortunate they are and to think about other women who have also just gone through childbirth.

What do your patients think about this?

The feedback I have had from my patients is certainly extremely positive. It is really only a very small donation but hopefully this will encourage my patients to do the same. It is difficult to know where else money can get spent wisely, but the Birthing Kits are so simple and make a genuine difference.

A huge thank you to Dr Saffer from BKFA!

Birthing Kits costs just $3 and each has the potential to save the lives of both mother and baby, by addressing one of the greatest causes of maternal and new born mortality; infection. If you’d like to get involved,  just email us at or donate here.