20 Nov 2014

World Prematurity Day 2014: Taking Action for Newborns Born Too Soon.



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In many communities, especially in rural remote areas, women are unable to deliver their babies with sufficient assistance. Community skilled birth attendants (SBA) provide essential emergency care and provide greater healthcare integration by ensuring referrals to hospitals. The greatest advantage of local midwives is the sensitization and training they bring to child and maternal care, and by doing so, a bridge for neonatal survival.
The Birthing Kit Foundation Australia ,partnering with local NGO’s, offers midwifery training programs to educate SBA’s and provides birthing kits to expectant mothers to ease the care of newborns in rural and remote regions of developing countries.
Nigeria has launched Saving One Million Lives Initiative that aims to prevent 180,00 newborn deaths by 2015. In 2013, 260,000 babies die in Nigeria in the first month of life, a tenth of global newborn deaths. The initiative hopes to increase the number of pregnant women who attend four or more antenatal care visits from 45 to 80 percent and increase the number of births with skilled attendance from 40 to 85 percent. This initiative exemplifies one of the best pathways to promote greater focus on maternal and newborn health care.