One of the best ways we know to create change in communities is by working with mothers, traditional birth attendants and the agencies that support them to provide better birthing outcomes for them and their families and open up opportunities to promote health issues from hygiene to nutrition and even some of the cultural issues for women, children and men.

The programs for birth become a catalyst for long term change and development and over the  years we have seen significant change and impact in the many countries we have partners.

Supplying the birthing kits and the in country programs would not be possible without the existence of the Foundation, which naturally requires funds to operate.  We are very conscious of ensuring maximum expenditure is directed towards our overseas aid work and therefore aim to keep the administration costs of the Foundation at a minimum.

The overseas aid programs and the administration costs required to run the Foundation are funded by the generous and voluntary donations of our supporters – and for this we are extremely grateful.

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