We have been listening to our supporters and know that many of you are seeking opportunities to remain connected and involved with our work. So as part of our goal to reach a further 1.5 million people by 2021, we are excited to introduce KIT+, a new way that you can help to build a better world for women and girls.

Maternal and newborn health will always be a priority for BKFA.  However, the next chapter in these women’s lives is just as important. As the world changes, the way we impact the lives of women and girls must also change.

When you pledge support as a KIT+ partner, you will be helping females in remote communities around the world to realise education, employment and economic empowerment.

Individual KIT+ Partnership

Click on the link below to pledge a monthly donation to support the work of KIT+ in remote communities. For more information, download our flyer.




When you join KIT+, you will be helping BKFA to:

  • Provide opportunities for girls to pursue education and employment
  • Support young girls and women to become innovators, business owners and leaders in their community
  • Work with boys and men to help to change attitudes towards women and
  • Support young girls to identify choices for their future.