Have an Assembly Day

As a result of COVID-19, our large-scale assembly events have been temporarily suspended. However, we are able to offer community groups the opportunity to continue packing “Kits at Home” to ensure ongoing support to women during the global health emergency.

“Kits at Home” is a great alternative to hosting large events and gives members a chance to stay connected to each other, supports well-being while social distancing and makes an important contribution to pregnant mothers who need our support, now more than ever!

Getting involved is easy:

Step 1: Community Groups choose the number of kits they would like to pack, and nominate how they are bundled so individuals from the group can assemble the kits in their own home.

Step 2: The “Kits at Home” Coordinator registers the activity using our booking form and submits their fundraising to BKFA. Once funds are received, supplies are then shipped to the Coordinator. Our current lead time for bookings is 4 weeks instead of the usual 8 weeks.

Step 3: The Coordinator receives the kit supplies and makes arrangements to drop off the bundles to volunteers, or have them available for collection. Please follow appropriate social distancing guidelines as part of this process.

Step 4: Individuals pack the kits at home, following the hygiene and packing instructions supplied. Once kits are packed, individuals can contact their Coordinator to arrange collection.

Step 5: Once all kits are collected and accounted for, the Coordinator can send the completed kits back to the BKFA warehouse as per the shipping instructions supplied.

To find out more about how you can get involved, please read the information below:
27 March 2020 – Update from our CEO
How to Get Involved – Kits at Home