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Corporate volunteering days, often as part of a larger corporate social responsibility program, are the ultimate win-win when you’re looking for a team activity with long-lasting benefits.

Not only are they an opportunity to give back to the wider community, but they offer a meaningful way to engage with employees, and encourage relationship-building among colleagues, fostering authentic connections and breaking down barriers by bringing together people from across your organisation.

Choosing to partner with the Birthing Kit Foundation Australia for your next corporate volunteering event provides attendees with a highly tangible, hands-on activity, assembling clean birth kits for mothers and babies in developing countries. A simple collection of six items, packaged into a ziplock bag, offers the tools for basic infection prevention and first-line childbirth care.

Assembly Day Details

Clean Birth Kits cost AU$5 each to produce and distribute to the women who will use them.

The minimum quantity of kits for an Assembly Day is 200, at a cost of $1000, with additional increments of 200 available.

As a general rule, we recommend ordering enough kits for each team member at a rate of 10 per hour.

For example, if you have 50 staff and wish to run a 2 hour event, we recommend 1000 kits at a cost of $5000.

While our offices are based in SA, Assembly Days can be held anywhere across Australia!

Most groups hold their Assembly Days on-site in their own venue, but we can also offer some recommendations for off-site locations if you require. We’ve seen Assembly Days held in boardrooms, warehouses, gymnasiums and more.

You will need enough tables and chairs for the number of staff attending, plus additional tables to prepare supplies on. Tables should be able to be sanitised prior to use.

The kit components will be delivered in the weeks prior to your event date, and collected by courier upon completion. You will need somewhere to store the supplies and finished kits pre and post-event.

The Clean Birth Kit Assembly process is a highly tangible activity, offering participants a deep sense of purpose and benefit as a result of their efforts.

The procedure is simple, and clearly outlined, but flexible enough to allow smaller teams to develop their own approach to packing. This means there is plenty of opportunity for groups to design and negotiate a system, improve on processes and provide some friendly rivalry as the completed kits stack up.

The activity also allows for plenty of discussion and interaction between attendees!

Events will be supported by our dedicated Assembly Day Coordinator, who will provide email support in the lead-up to your event date.

You will be provided with an Assembly Day Manual and  supporting marketing materials to ensure your event is a success.

After the event, the boxed kits will be collected via courier, and returned to our warehouse for distribution to our Field Partners.

All of our birth kits are environmentally friendly. The plastic bag and sheets are treated with an organic compound and are biodegradable in microbe rich environments, such as landfill.

As an organisation, we aim to review the social and environmental impact of the birth kits annually, part of our commitment to better understand our impact to the global environment.

Our Clean Birth Kits are a valuable resource in emergency and humanitarian settings to help prevent infection for mothers and newborns.

Kits are assembled by Australian volunteers, and our Assembly Days are a perfect team-building activity for corporate groups looking to give back to the community.

We provide all the support you need to run a successful event, including delivery of supplies, clear instructions for assembly and courier collection of the completed kits.

Corporate volunteering is a popular end of financial year activity, a great alternative to the office Christmas Party, or part of your ongoing Corporate Social Responsibility calendar.

Whether you have a team of 10 or 100, we can design an event to suit your needs. Simply contact our Assembly Day Coordinator, or complete the booking form below to register your interest and we’ll be in touch!