GDI Uganda are a partner of BKFA. They tell us that Milly, pictured above with her baby is just one mother among many whose lives have been changed through the distribution of Mama kits* by Global Support Development Initiative (GDI-Uganda) with support from Birthing Kit Foundation Australia”.

Here is Milly’s story

“It was in June 2017 when I got to hold in my hand, Mama Kit; this was my dream come true.  I am a mother of seven. I feel grieved by the loss of my first and second who died of tetanus. These babies were born at home with only a rusted blade available for cutting the cord.

In my subsequent births, those children survived by God’s grace but as the saying goes, “help God to help yourself”. I started looking for possible solutions to my loss and GDI-Uganda became my saviour. That’s why I have this bouncing baby girl called Proscovia and with the continuous distributions of these mama kits, I am no longer afraid of getting pregnant.

I delivered Proscovia at home with the help of a traditional birth attendant since i didn’t have transport to go to the hospital/health centre but this process was a special moment in my life for the first time being attended to in clean birth environment using the mama kit I had freely received. Andit’s not just mama kit but before distribution we are always educated about birth preparation, which made this labour not a surprise to me.

No amount of words can express how grateful I am to this initiative of improving delivery processes among the most disadvantaged village women like me”.




*birthing kits are known as Mama Kits in Uganda