1200 kits were recently received and distributed in multiple community settings by our field partner, Egoli Africa, Uganda.

Egoli Africa is clear about how the distribution of birthing kits can help…

Women shall not be denied help during birthgiving at hospitals

Women are aware of the importance of safe birthgiving

Women are aware of the importance of good hygiene

Infant and maternal mortality is reduced

Clean and safe birthgiving is promoted

More women will seek assistance of professionals during pregnancy and during birthgiving

Birthing kits were given directly to pregnant mothers with those mothers informed by village health teams and health centre staff about the use of the birthing kits and the importance of hygiene during and after birthgiving.

Egoli Africa says that the supply of birthing kits

“helps health centres to give proper care to women during birthgiving.  Health centres almost always never have birthing kits in stock, yet women are supposed to have them and cannot afford them”

Pictured above is women from the community of Busanga village where birthing kits were distributed with the help of a local health centre.