New BKFA field partner, Reef and Rainforest Research Centre (RRRC) recently reported back to us on their first delivery of birthing kits. The message comes from Paho in the Treaty Villages of PNG.

“This picture is of our 11 female community rangers who we’ve trained in the use and distribution of birthing kits. Each ranger received 5 kits (one as a training kit) plus an additional 5 for each traditional midwife in their respective villages. We asked the rangers to role play training village women which was great as we could answer any questions they had. Cleaning the babies’ eyes was something that they did not know to do.

The rangers have asked me to pass of their sincere thanks for the gift of the kits which they have told me will make a huge difference to the lives of Treaty Village women. The rangers were telling us today that women birth on the beach and in the bush using shells mostly to cut the umbilical cords. They also really liked the idea of using the string to clamp the cord”.

It is testimonials like these that motivate us to continue our important work, ensuring that kits can reach the women who need them most. Thank you RRRC for this positive message.