Maryam lives with her husband in Kano. At 22 years old she discovered during a health checkup at her local primary health center that she was pregnant with her second child. She expresses great gratitude the work Rotary has done and explains “I prayed to God when I first got pregnant at the age of 17. My husband and his family were all very happy, but I felt alone.

My mother in law advised me to contact a local traditional birth attendant, but from my friends I heard that deliveries can have difficulties and often lead to the mother’s and baby’s death. I was afraid that this happens to me.

When I heard that Rotary is inviting all pregnant women to a dialogue in the community, I had to go as well. At the dialogue Rotary explains why it is important to have a safe birth in a hospital, they also showed and demonstrated a small pack called a birthing kit. Inside the kit are gloves, plastic sheet, soap and a blade. After the dialogue I was happy to take a kit home and show it to my husband.

When it was time to give birth, I took the kit with me to the hospital, gave it to the midwife and requested her to use it. My first-born son was born healthy on a Friday, which is why we gave him the name Danjuma. Although at first, I was afraid to give birth, the birthing kit provided me with all items needed to have a safe birth. Now with my second child I want to use the same kit and went to the community dialogue. After I told them, all my friends keep asking me for the kits.”

Image is of Maryam and her friends at the Community Dialogue in Kano. Copyright RFPD Daniel Kempf-Seifried