BKFA Field Partner Divine Grace Medical Missionaries, Nigeria tells us of their hopes in receiving and distributing over 1000 Birthing Kits

They hope that by providing kits, and education on their use, that they will increase awareness of safe birth in local communities.   They hope to see an increase in the number of pregnant mothers seeking safe birthing kits and that infections related to unsafe or unclean births will reduce. Finally, the hope that education and awareness will result in more mothers and communities learning how to safely use and dispose of birthing kits.

On receipt of BKFA Birthing Kits, The Divine Grace Medical Missionaries partnered with local Nurse Midwifes and gave Birthing Kits to mothers who were in their 8th month of pregnancy in the communities of Onisha, Abia and Isialangwa. Here they educated women on the dangers of infection and infant premature death and provided information on Birthing Kits before they were distributed. Additionally, community health workers provided education on the correct use and disposal of birthing kits.

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