PMI Nigeria CEO responds to a question about birthing kits

PeachAid Medical Initiative Nigeria (PMI Nigeria) is a community based humanitarian organisation, dedicated to providing a clean and safe birthing environment, contraceptive options and advocacy for medical abortion, to reduce the incidence of infant and maternal morbidity and mortality in rural communities across Nigeria.

In partnership with BKFA, PMI Nigeria’s aim is to ensure that every woman in a rural community, irrespective of her location can access a Birthing Kit. Additionally, there is a great need to increase the knowledge of traditional birth attendants and the number of women who access health facilities where skilled birth attendants can deliver babies.

Kits were recently distributed to Community Health Extention Workers, Traditional Birth Attendants, and Pregnant women in the communities of Jikwoyi, Kpeyegyi and Nasarawa State.

PMI Nigeria say that “when the Birthing Kit is accessed by every pregnant woman and properly used, it reduces the incidence of infection during child birth, thus saving more lives in these poor communities”

PMI Nigeria also understand the vital importance of conducting in house training to midwifes, and other medical personnel on the correct use and disposal of Birthing Kits: They say:

Educating pregnant women of the Jikwoyi community on correct use of birthing kits during home-delivery.

“advocating for the use of birthing kits is core. We train and educate all the birth attendants on the importance of carrying out deliveries on a clean surface, as it is hard to see clean surfaces in these rural communities”

In addition, PMI Nigeria also distributes some contraceptives and medications for the management of Post partum haemorrhage. They say that “Birthing Kits gives our projects the complete face because every woman needs a safe and clean environment to lay down and give birth even before talking about management of bleeding and contraceptives”.

Thank you for this update, PMI Nigeria, it is encouraging to see health initiatives working together to help save lives in poor communities.

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