BKFA partner, World Youth International (WYI), Kenya reports on recent kit receipt and distribution approaches.

An important priority of WYI is to increase the number of pregnant women attending antenatal clinics. Additionally, another goal is to reduce home births by encouraging more women to attend health facilities to deliver their babies with the supervision of skilled birth attendants.

Having received Birthing Kits from BKFA, kits were distributed to community health volunteers and pregnant mothers during antenatal clinic visits for women in the third trimester of pregnancy. And before birthing kits were distributed, the mothers were provided with education on safe motherhood. The medical staff in the antenatal clinics also spent time with the mothers educating them on safe usage and disposal of the kits.

In prioritising safe deliveries, WYI say that BKFA Birthing Kits have provide a great support with more and more women coming to health facilities. And for those still giving birth at home, it is reported by home birth attendants that the use of a birthing kit helps to reduce cross infections.

Photography: Newborn twins, image courtesy of WYI Kenya