This is a photo of a happy mum Jenipher and her newly born baby boy John. She shares here her experience of childbirth in her own words.  Thanks so much to our Field Partner World Youth International (WYI) Kenya for sharing this.

” My name is Jenipher,  the wife of Julius,  I am 29 years old and my baby John is my sixth child.  Just like any other expectant mother in Kenya, my greatest concerns as my days were drawing nearer were basically two: a)  will I be able to pay for the hospital bill?  b)  Will my delivery be safe from infection arising from use of contaminated equipment or items. I feel very lucky and happy today with my child on my laps. 

The issues of the bill was taken care of by the “LINDA MAMA” (caring for the Mother) initiative. Linda Mama is a segment of the National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF) that pays for hospital bills incurred during pregnancy until delivery.  The issues of safety during delivery was addressed by birth kits that were given to me when I visited the hospital for my first prenatal clinic.  After an elaborate  training on how to use the kit appropriately should labour onset and we have to deliver before reaching the hospital, we were all given a kit to take home for safe keeping. I was instructed to carry it to the hospital on the day.  During my child birth process, the medics used had clean gloves, surgical blade,  a string while I was lying clean polythene sheet. I am grateful that birthing kit foundation gave kits to Odedeh Health Centre”.