BKFA partner Foundation for Development and Relief Africa (FIDRA) Uganda’s goal is to strengthen maternal and child health. Specifically, encouraging women to give birth safely in a health facility is a priority.

Further to the successful delivery of Birthing Kits, BKFA is pleased to hear positive reports from the communities in which kits were distributed.

Highlights include education sessions and provision of kits to women in the 7th and 8th months of pregnancy, delivery of additional kits to health centres for women who did not attend and to handle emergency situations, education to field extension workers on best practice, correct use and disposal and partnerships at distribution points with qualified midwifes and nurses who are required to follow instruction on correct use and disposal of the used Birthing Kits

We hear directly from the community here:

“We thank FIDRA for saving pregnant and expectant mothers and for providing a safe passage to motherhood. Our rural poor communities from the post conflict affected societies have lost thousands of women and newborns from preventable deaths related to complications in poor delivery settings. Delivery with a skilled birth attendant is a vital intervention for saving lives. Yet many women do not have a skilled birth attendant with clean Birthing Kits at delivery which has caused thousands of children and their mothers to become infected”

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