Wrapped in that blanket is a newborn baby – JUST DELIVERED with the help of a BKFA Birthing Kit in PNG thanks to our Field Partner – Enga Baptist Health Services. Read this incredible story as shared by student Nurse, Helen.

Freya and I went out in the ambulance after a call from the bush, about a mother who had had a difficult labour overnight with reports of a hand that was sticking out.

We thought that it would be a stillbirth and quickly got packed up with kits to halt the labour and bring the mother to safety. After an hour and a half on the bumpy, mountainous road, we arrived. Freya and I got the mother in the back of the jeep and stabilised her. She was having good contractions so we decided to deliver.
We laid down the sheet from the Birthing Kit and after a few good pushes and shouts of encouragement, the baby came into the world! The baby was quickly wrapped and resuscitation began, as the baby was blue and not breathing. We gave the baby a firm rub with the towel and squealed with delight as it first opened its eyes, and then drew its first breath. We also let out the breaths that we had been holding!

Luckily our nursing matron had decided last minute to pack a Birthing Kit in with the resuscitation equipment, and what a Godsend that was!   At first, we were at a loss as to how to cut the cord, but I will never forget the look of relief on Freya’s face when we realised we didn’t have to use the bamboo shard the locals were waving at us, but could use a scalpel instead! Whew! In a place like PNG, with limited resource and staff, Birthing Kits are so invaluable because they allow even people like us, with less experience, to assist in safer delivery and minimise infections. Thank you, thank you, Birthing Kit Foundation Australia!”