We received this wonderful story from World Vision in Uganda about a young woman, Precious, using a BKFA Birthing Kit to give birth to her baby boy.

“In her family village of Kabambiro in western Uganda, 23-year-old Precious is celebrating the safe delivery of her second child, a healthy baby boy. When she first discovered she was pregnant, Precious was quick to share the news with her extended family. As her delivery date drew closer, Precious made the arduous journey from Mubende, southwest Uganda, to her mother’s home, in Kabambiro, Kamwenge. Upon arrival in Kamwenge, Precious visited the Kabambiro Health Centre to check on the health of her baby and continue antenatal visits. In her fourth antenatal consultation, Precious was given a BKFA Birthing Kit, with all the essential supplies for a clean and safe delivery. “I was very excited when I received the Kit because I had no money to buy what was required by the hospital to give birth,” recounts Precious. Without access to essential medical supplies to support a clean birthing environment, many women in Uganda resort to borrowing money (typically around AUD$55) to cover the cost of supplies and ensure safe transport to the clinic.

Precious delivered a healthy baby boy using a Birthing Kit. Credit: World Vision Australia.

For mothers like Precious, the provision of Birthing Kits is a key incentive to deliver at a health clinic with the support of trained health professionals, who can intervene in case of complications. The Kits also encourage women and their partners to attend antenatal check-ups, where they receive important information to optimise the health and nutrition of mother and baby. Two months after delivery, Precious’ son is happy and healthy. She attributes his good health to giving birth in a clean environment, which helped to protect her health and that of her baby boy. “The kaveera (plastic sheet) helps to prevent infections spreading from one person to another. My son has not contracted any disease.” Thanks to Birthing Kit Foundation Australia’s incredible generosity, mothers like Precious can deliver in a clean environment and give their newborns the best chance for a healthy start to life!”


Main image: Precious, right, proudly holds her newborn son and a clean Birthing Kit. Credit: World Vision Australia