As we continue our BKFA Champions series, we hear from Shirley Allen, Convenor, of SAWA-Australia (NSW) Inc.

“Our organisation became interested in packing birthing kits because our support for women in Afghanistan made us aware that Afghanistan was one of the most dangerous places in the world to give birth.  The rates of maternal and child mortality was, and still is, distressingly high.  In the early years, our kits all went to Afghanistan and although kits now reach other countries, our members remain keen to pack kits because we know they go to countries where women are in desperate need.

Packing 1,000 kits has become an annual event which we hold on the Monday of the week of International Women’s Day. We always have between 40 and 50 volunteers for packing day and our members enjoy the activity itself as a social occasion at which something important is achieved”.

Experience means refinement!

Shirley shares some top tips for a successful Assembly Day here:

“Over the years we have refined our procedures.  We have appreciated the diagrammatical packing process provided in the last 2 years and we find that a copy on each table helps the volunteers to get it right and not leave out any of the vital components.  We have found volunteers to fold the plastic before the day and this year with it all done in advance, we found the process so much easier”.

Thank you SAWA for your ongoing commitment to BKFA!